Monday, July 13, 2009

The summer doldrums at Suite 101?

I admit that I've been neglecting Suite 101. I started out like a ball of fire, writing 30 stories in my first month. Not coincidentally, perhaps, that was my best month at the site: That month I earned $28.81.

Now, I realize that's not exactly lottery-winner money. But it's far better than the $14.21 I earned last month, or the shockingly awful $3.60 I've earned so far in July.

Is it just that I've slowed down considerably with Suite 101? After those first 30 articles, which I wrote in March, I've added just nine more.

Maybe it's the summer. People are outside, right? (At least those people who aren't content writers.) They're not reading about low-down-payment mortgages or the first-time homebuyer tax credit. (Bastards!)

One of the writers at Suite 101 recently posted in the forums there that he just finished his 500th story for Suite. I had one thought about reading that: **&%$! (Sorry, this is a family blog.) The writer, of course, didn't give out his earnings at Suite 101. This is a no-no, I understand. There's a lesson here: Most places that forbid writers from giving out their income are paying out horribly low monthly incomes. Why else wouldn't they want their writers telling the world how much they're making?

Anyway, I do plan on sticking with Suite 101 through the rest of the year. My initial goal was to get to 100 stories. The way things are going, though, I might shoot instead for 50.


  1. "The writer, of course, didn't give out his earnings at Suite 101. This is a no-no, I understand." If you understand giving out writing income is a no-no, why did you give out your earnings in the first paragraph? Puzzling, isn't it?

    Otherwise great article. Thanks for sharing your experiences as a freelancer.

  2. Hi, Will:

    Thanks for your comments. Suite 101 considers it a "no-no" to release your earnings. I, however, don't. I think it helps writers determine whether Suite 101 is a good opportunity.

    Of course, since I'm doing it anonymously -- though I'm sure people could find out who I am if they tried hard enough -- I'm not too worried about Suite 101 finding me out.

    Thanks for reading and for your comments.