Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The case of the disappearing publisher

So it finally happened. For all my complaining about content writing, I've been fairly lucky. I turn something in. I've gotten paid for it. And I've usually gotten paid quickly.

But it appears that one of my content-writing publishers has disappeared on me.

I wrote this guy six posts already, and was paid quickly for each of them. Then, early last week, I turned in three more posts. This time I haven't heard "boo" from him. I've sent him a few reminder e-mail messages. Nothing. I have to guess that he ran out of money or simply wanted to snag my articles for free.

Maybe he didn't like the stories I turned in. It's possible, right? But there was no message asking for different information. There was no message telling me that I'd done something wrong.

Well, I won't work for this guy again. And it's not like I'm out of a small fortune or anything. Like all content-writing work, this was for fairly low pay.

It might be frustrating, but worrying over deadbeats doesn't help any writer. Unless you're out a significant amount of money, it's easiest to just let these things go. You can send message after message, but that becomes a waste of time at some point.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you got bit, but glad to know you kept it in perspective.

  2. GOD that sucks. I would be livid. You're handling it really well. Much better than I would.

  3. Hi,

    This often happens in freelance content writing! I too have such bitter experiences!

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone. I appreciate them. Fortunately, as you can see from the post above this one, this guy actually paid me. A small victory, but still ...