Wednesday, September 23, 2009 a bit too aggressive when recruiting writers

I don't want to write for I think it's a lousy way to make money. But I can't seem to stop applying for writing gigs at the site.

It's not my fault, though. Really.

Here's what's happening: I'll apply to what looks like a typical content-writing ad on The ad will ask for subject experts to write short stories for pay, something like that.

After I apply, I receive a message directing me to a Website where I'm supposed to fill out an application. Lo and behold, when I visit that Web site, I'm automatically linked to the sign-up form for

This is frustrating. Nowhere in the original craigslist ads is the name "" mentioned. This means I waste my time writing a query and sending writing samples to a company for which I have no desire to write.

The last company that tricked me into this backdoor to was calling itself When you log onto that site, you get a domain placeholder. When you click on the link for's writer application, you're then redirected to the Indianapolis hub of

I don't begrudge for its efforts to recruit more writers. The company's model -- you're paid by how many people visit your stories -- works for some writers. I just wish the people would let writers know when they're actually applying to their site.

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