Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Want to make money at Don't count on it!

I'm always amazed whenever I read on other forum's writers getting accepted at For one thing, accepts just about anyone who can string more than two sentences together. Getting "hired" at this outfit isn't exactly something to crow about.

Secondly, and most importantly, I know that 99 percent of these new Examiners won't earn hardly anything. started out paying posters a penny for every page view their Examiner homes notched. This is pitiful, considering that it's hard to earn more than, say, 25 cents a day this way. If you're keeping track, that's just $1.75 if you manage those 25 page views every day for a week.

But here's additional proof that won't make you money. Even the powers that be at the site say you shouldn't write for if you want to make money. Here's a quote from an e-mail sent out by one of's channel managers: "As I’ve said since I joined this team in August 2008, as the first channel manager in the office – money should not be the motivating factor behind being an Examiner. It’s about the opportunity to write about a topic you’re passionate about, with the potential to reach a worldwide audience."

If you do decide to become an, that's fine. Just don't expect to earn much money at all. And don't ever list it as a professional writing job if you're looking to get work from newspapers or magazines. You'll be laughed out the door.


  1. Good post- I think a lot of people were duped into writing for (including myself). Considering how much you have to write to see ANY earnings, I think examiner really rips off writers. I can write for my own blogs and make money!

  2. Thanks, Rachel and Donna, for your comments. I wrote briefly for, too, and found it awfully unrewarding. I had days were I earned 5 cents!


  3. i made about $175 my first month with Examiner.... yea, but i haven't made as much since then I've made about $60.

  4. I've been writing for Examiner for over a year. I started off making $30-40/month. Last month I made over $200 and this month I am already over $500. You need to build up your audience and find stories that people are interested in. Some people are making over $1000/month. It's not for everyone, but it is good for some. I enjoy writing my content-it's easy and doesn't take long.

  5. You don't make money writing for Blogspot either. The way I see it, it's another way to promote your brand, or even your blog, for free. I make about the same amount as I do with my monetized Blogspot account. And since the posts are related, I just link the information. You have to use it in a smart way that can benefit you.