Monday, April 27, 2009

Doubling my pennies at

Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. But I've always figured, if something doesn't work, just pound at it a little harder.

That might explain why I've signed up to take on a second "blog," this one on residential real estate, a specialty of mine.

I'll be able to write these posts quickly because I know this subject well. So time won't become an issue. But I'm still not sure that will ever become a reliable source of income. That's because my first site isn't doing so well.

In case you're not familiar with the way Examiner pays, its writers get a penny for every page view. That's not exactly big bucks, especially when you're bringing in the page views I am.

My best day I generated 77 page views. That's 77 cents for those of you stumped by basic math.

In all, I've made about $13 for a month-and-a-week's worth of work. On the good side, I'm more than halfway to my $25 payout. On the bad side, I'd hate to calculate my per-hour rate.

We'll see what happens with the second Examiner site. Maybe I'll double my earnings. Maybe I'll just waste more time.

An Adsense update: Two weeks ago, I created five niche blogs and equipped them all with Adsense. It's a sort of experiment. One blog I've promoted heavily on other blogs and forums. Three I've pretty much left alone so far. And one covers a topic that should be a natural for traffic, but perhaps not for clicks. In all, I've generated $4.25 on my niche blogs. Lord, this online writing is tough stuff.

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