Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Treated like an ass at Associated Content

I always abbreviate Associated Content in my head: Ass. Content.

You see, I felt a bit like an ass writing for them.

Of all the content sites I've tired, Associated Content left me with the worst taste in my mouth. Maybe it was the forum, where most Associated Content writers spent their time whining about low pay and odd rejections by editors. Maybe it was the fact that I never got paid more than $3 for any of the stories I wrote.

Yeah, I think it was that $3 thing.

Now, I admit that I didn't give Associated Content that much time. But here's my tally: I had four stories accepted by the editors. My highest-paying story -- a feature on electronics recycling -- fetched me a whopping $3. My other three accepted stories -- pieces on the benefits of regular exercise for senior citizens, the push by advocates to have insurance companies cover autism treatment and tips for how homeowners can lower their mortgage interest rates -- all brought in the princely sum of $2.24 each.

The editors said that my stories didn't qualify for higher payments because they were too broad in scope. Maybe. But do the editors really think I'm going to bust my Ass. -- ociated Content to create more in-depth stories? What? For maybe $4 or $5.

Associated Content's payments are ridiculously low. They're embarrassing, actually.

I also had two stories -- one on rebuilding a poor credit score and another on the steps people should take before buying a home -- rejected. I was amazed. I've seen some real garbage on Associated Content. At least the stories I tunred in, while not Pullitzer worthy, where informative and well-written.

Oh, well. I can't recommend Associated Content to anyone. Stay far, far away.

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