Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Giving Adsense a try

Fans of this blog -- Hello? Anyone? -- know that it started life over on Wordpress. I really like Wordpress. Problem is, you can't put Adsense ads on Wordpress.

At first, that didn't seem like such a big idea. I hardly generate enough traffic to worry about making big money with Adsense.

Then it started nagging at me. I really wanted to experiment, to see how Adsense might work. How can I share my experience at making money online and with content sites if I don't try everything I can?

So, I've moved my stuff to Blogger. The move wasn't hard, actually, and the old blog wasn't around long enough to have drawn huge crowds yet. So there aren't a whole lot of people to tell that I've moved.

My first Adsense ads should be up now. That's one thing about Blogger: It's extremely easy to set up Adsense on it. There's a button on the top of your blog called "monetize." Click it, and you're on your way.

Will Adsense generate anything for me? We'll see.

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