Monday, April 20, 2009

Have a beef? Want $5? Give RantBlogger a try

The Internet has opened a new world of opportunities to freelance writers. Sure, most of these opportunities are incredibly low-paying. But they also don't take a lot of work, either.

Take RantBlogger, for example. It's a quick way to make $5, especially if you're ticked off about something.

Now, you may be ticked off that you've lowered yourself to writing anything for $5. But RantBlogger truly is one of the easiest writing jobs you'll take. Figure out something you're upset about. Write a rant -- it doesn't even have to be well-written -- and send it in. If it's accepted, you get $5. Simple.

If you visit the site, you'll see that quality writing isn't really the point here. Controversial is king. So avoid my earlier RantBlogger mistake. Because I cover real estate, I wrote a rant wondering why people were so infuriated that the government was trying to help people who were facing foreclosure on their homes.

I wrote what I thought was a well-reasoned, thoughtful post pointing out how important it is for the housing market in this country to bounce back. After all, I reasoned, the national economy will not improve until the housing market does, too.

The folks behind RantBlogger rejected my post! No $5 for me. Had I sunk so low that I couldn't even impress someone paying a measly $5?

Then I took a closer look -- which I should have done before writing my "rant" -- and what was published on the site. I quickly saw my mistake: I wasn't pissy enough. The rants that were published were all full of vinegar and invective. I didn't call people "stupid" enough.

So, if you're interested in ranting, keep this in mind.

Also, you might want to act fast if you are interested in writing for RantBlogger. Looks like the site is going through some changes. It might be moving to a contest format, where the best published rant of the week -- all would now be pulished without editorial judgment -- wins $25. Heck, that sounds even worse than $5 for an approved post. There's something to rant about!


  1. Fun, thanks

    so many rants, so little time ;)

  2. Thanks, Anne:

    Yes, there is an awful lot to rant about these days, isn't there?