Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exploring Creative Weblogging

You might not have heard of Creative Weblogging. But it's another blogging service, one that has blogs focusing on business, technology, digital media, sports, family and other topics.

Last month, I began writing a blog for them. It's not a lot of money, but it is a set payment every month that I can count on.

I'm glad I began working with the company, too. A residential real estate blog I wrote for ended my contract last week. Again, it wasn't a ton of money each month, but it was steady pay that I could look forward to.

The problem wasn't the writing, the real estate company told me. It was the visitors. There weren't enough of them.

The blog had existed for about eight months. The real estate company was hoping for 10,000 visitors a month. I never felt this was a realistic goal, even though I tried to help out by posting messages on related forums and using Twitter. But the company wasn't paying me enough to promote the site as much as it needed to be.

Which brings me to this question: Why do blogging networks expect their writers to do all the work involved in promoting their blogs? Many of the networks I've worked with have asked me to Twitter for them, or promote them through services like LinkedIn. I'd be happy to do this if the blogging networks weren't paying me peanut money each week.

I mean, what are the blogging networks themselves doing? Are they doing any work, or are they just collecting money?

We'll see, then, how Creative Weblogging goes. So far, it's been hassle-free. Let's hope it stays that way.

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