Thursday, June 25, 2009

Freelance Home Writer a must-visit site

I can't even hope to provide the kind of help to my fellow freelance writers that you'll find over at the Freelance Home Writer blog.

Written by hard-working freelance writer Willow Sidhe, the site provides a wealth of resources for freelancers. My favorite are Sidhe's in-depth review of content sites. (Though I must admit, what Sidhe finds often leaves me disheartened. I'm constantly amazed at how little some people value quality writing.)

Stop by Sidhe's blog today. Scroll through the archives and you'll uncover a host of online sites that pay (sometimes barely) for freelance writing. Odds are, you'll have had no idea most of these sites existed.

You should also enjoy her post for today, in which Sidhe carefully explains the difference between writing for content sites and private clients. It's a well-written, and passionate, post. It sums up the life of the content writer quite well, I'd say.

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