Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Follow-up: I did get a bit more money

Yesterday I wrote about asking a content-writing client for a bit more money to write three stories that I felt would take more research than usual.

Well, after a brief e-mail exchange, I will be getting some extra money for the stories.

I didn't get everything I asked for. Basically, we agreed to split the difference: I'll get extra money on the stories, but only half of what I originally asked for.

That's fine. There's always room for compromise, even in the speed-and-volume-at-all-costs world of content writing.

The lesson here, then, is an obvious one. Don't be afraid to ask your content-writing clients for a little extra every once in a while. Sure, most times they'll probably beg off. But you may get lucky. In this economy, every little bit of extra money helps.


  1. Congrats on the extra loot. There's hope for us yet. ;)

  2. Thanks, Gabriel. The extra loot, unfortunately, isn't much. But it is something. Some days, "something" is all that you want, right?