Friday, May 8, 2009

Confused by Digital Journal

Earlier this week, I posted my first story, on a solar power initiative in Michigan, on Digital Journal. It's another content site, but with a focus on news as opposed to more informal blogging.

Like most content sites, it's really hard to figure out what you'll get paid for each story. In this case, you get money for page views, positive votes by other readers and for turning in a story that required some real work, mainly interviewing people or attending an event in person.

My first story has so far received 39 views and generated five positive votes. Not bad, I suppose, though I really have no idea.

For this, it's generated a whopping $1.13. Again, not exactly a princely sum.

I plan on submitting maybe two more stories to Digital Journal to see what happens next. On first impression, though, I'd lump it into the online content-mill pile: Probably better than, but probably below Suite 101.

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