Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wrote about patio cushions today

Well, I am officially a hack.

Today I wrote about patio cushions.

Now, I don't care about patio cushions. I imagine you don't, either. They're something to sit on. That's all. Yet I wrote five stories on patio cushions: how they come in all sorts of colors, how to waterproof them, how to keep them looking good, even how to buy them cheaply.

Yes, it was content writing at its best.

I used to write about people who dress up like superheroes and patrol their streets, even though they can't stick to walls or fly at supersonic speeds. I used to write about people who are pressuring their state legislatures to pass laws protecting Bigfoot.

I used to write about real stuff. Fun stuff.

Not patio cushions. I mean, I like sitting on them, really. I just never thought the day would come when I wrote entire stories about them.

Really, is buying patio cushions a challenge? Is it difficult? Does anyone need to go to the Web and look up information on how to find them at good prices?

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