Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Would you take this job?

Maybe I can make this a regular feature. I present you with a freelance job opportunity that I've found on the Internet. You can tell me if you'd accept this job.

Here's one I found today. An "editor" wants 20 stories -- ranging from 150- to 250-word stories to press releases -- and is willing to pay from $30 to $250. You can see the job here at

When I checked, the average bid was $30.

Amazing. Someone would accept $30 for 20 stories. That's not even $2 a story. No wonder the online writing world is filled with such insulting offers.

Here's the question: How desperate would you have to be for work to take this offer. Even if you were paid $250, that's still only $12.50 a story. That's pretty insulting.

By the way, even as I've been trying to build up my online writing portfolio, I've also been concentrating on reconnecting with old print-magazine clients in the hopes of notching more lucrative assignments with them.

So far, it's been frustrating. Most of my old clients just don't have as much of a freelance budget these days. But I did have some success today. A real estate trade magazine assigned me a feature story. I'll be getting paid $750 for 1,500 words.

This makes the days of frustration worth it. Think of how much online content writing I'd have to do to get $750.

The lesson here? Keep working on the online stuff. It's important, even if it's not always particularly lucrative. But don't forget "old" media, too. That's still where most of the money for freelance writers is at.


  1. Hello DWriter. I feel your pain. I've been looking for online content jobs too (as a new writer). Some of the articles (250-300 words) go for less than a dollar. As an English writer, that's around 50p. It's just not worth the time and the effort to write for that rate when I could be writing my own articles, about my own interests and perhaps attract people who want to pay me what it's worth to research a good story or article.

    I really like your blog and hope to read more!

  2. Hi, Tannice:

    Thanks for your message, and for reading my blog. I appreciate it. You really do have to guard against writing for insultingly low rates. The temptation is to say: "Well, these rates are low. Horribly low. But I can make up for it in volume." But you can only write so many stories in a day.


  3. You get what you pay for,though, right? Imagine the crap someone who goes for the lowest bid gets.